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Black Car Service at Taxicab Rates
Executive Taxi Service

"Why pay for Black, when you can go Blue"

Barwood's Executive Taxi Service

Improving your bottom line. In this tough economic climate many businesses are working hard to cut costs yet remain productive. Recognizing a need for affordable transportation services, Barwood is pleased to offer a solution for your ground transportation budget that makes you and your bottom line look good.

Please allow us to introduce our Executive Taxi Service. This is a first in Montgomery County and already companies just like yours are reaping rewards. How does it work?

  • Our Executive Taxi Service gives you all the benefits of executive sedan service but at fraction of the price.
  • You can order on line at www.barwoodtaxi.com after your Barwood account has been setup for Executive Taxi Service.
  • All orders placed are assigned to our Executive Taxi drivers and the Executive Taxi Division monitors the orders to ensure they are not just on time but a few minutes early.
  • Meet and Greet Service is available at all area airports.
  • Executive Taxi Service is pre-scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. For on demand or right away service, an Executive Taxi driver is not guaranteed. However, a qualified licensed Barwood Taxi driver will service you.
  • Executive Taxi Service also transports customers out of state.

Billing Options

  • You may set up a corporate or personal account and invoices can be emailed or mailed via US Postal Service,
  • You may set up a personal account that is billed directly to a credit card account
  • You can go "green" and use our paperless online billing service Webcharge. With Webcharge you can retrieve invoice copies, download your trip records in Excel format and print or save images of your vouchers. Invoices are generated twice per week to help our clients manage activity on their account.

If you accept our email feature, all trip confirmations can be emailed to your or your travel manager. This feature has helped our customers catch unauthorized orders.

We also offer password protection. A password is required to place an order on your account whether the orders are done online (via WebRide) or over the phone with Call Center agents.

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