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Credit Card Policy





Terms and Conditions

  • If you wish to pay for your trip by credit card and have possession of the card to swipe at the end of the trip, please inform our call center agent that you want to pay by credit card and that you will swipe the card in the taxi. Our agent will place your order under account "CC".
  • If you wish to pay for a family member's or client's trip by credit card and the passenger will not have possession of the card to swipe at the end of the trip, you must provide the card information to our agent at the time the order is placed to be preauthorized. In this case, a preauthorization hold will be placed on your credit card account for the estimated fare plus 10-15%. In most cases, the preauthorization hold will be removed from your account when the sale is finalized or in 3-7 business days whichever occurs first. Please check with your financial institution regarding their preauthorization hold policies.
  • Our customer sales agents will never ask for the 3 digit security code on the back of your credit card. For your protection, never offer your 3 digit security code.
  • Always consider using a credit card charge account and not a Visa/MasterCard Check or Debit card to avoid any problems with credit holds on your bank funds.
  • Drivers should never charge customers an additional fee for paying by credit card.
  • Our Accounting Department can provide you with a copy of your credit card receipt upon request by submitting your information in the form below.

If you have any questions about credit card transactions or our credit and debit card policy, please contact our Accounting department at (240) 514-1290 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or send an email to Accounting@BarwoodTaxi.com.

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