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Barwood Betty: the voice of Barwood
Barwood Betty

Barwood Betty: the voice of Barwood

 Barwood has introduced a new integrated voice response (IVR) technology that will give customers faster and more efficient service. A supplement to Barwood’s call center team, IVR helps out when call volume is at peak levels.

We are calling the service, and the voice that customers will hear, Barwood Betty in honor of the late Betty Barnes, one of the founders of Barwood Taxi. From the beginning in 1964, she worked with enthusiasm, spending time in both the accounting department and the call center until she retired in 2002. In addition to her professional contributions, including inspiring the Carolina Blue color of the taxis, Betty was a ‘mother hen’ to all the young employees. She also took pride in raising a son who would work beside his parents and then take the company into the future: Barwood’s president, Lee Barnes. It is fitting that we use her name for a service that will help drivers and customers alike: she cared about both.

Automated Call Ordering

Currently, customers can use IVR to order a taxi for pick up right away. The system will eventually enable you to schedule future rides.

IVR uses Caller ID to retrieve VIP customers’ dispatch history to provide a list of possible pick up addresses that callers can select from. If the address is a new one, Barwood Betty will ask if you’d like to speak to a customer service agent.

Automated Call Out Feature

Calls to customers (call outs) will also be made by Barwood Betty. Drivers press a Call Out button to initiate a call to the customer. They do this when they are at the pick up point and do not see anyone waiting for them. Call outs are also done at the request of customers who want to get a call when the driver has arrived.

If you get one of these calls, you will hear Barwood Betty say:

“Your vehicle is getting close. To confirm your trip please press 1. To cancel your trip or speak with the next available agent, please press 0.”

If for some reason the driver is NOT there, press “0,” tell an agent, and the trip will be re-dispatched to another driver.

Customers can check Status of Orders

 For orders that are in the system, you can call in and get the number of the taxi assigned to you. That is a confirmation that the job has been dispatched. If it has not been dispatched, you will be connected to a customer service agent.

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