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How do I order a taxi?
How much does a taxi trip cost?
Can I create an account with Barwood Taxi?
Does it cost more for additional passengers?
Are there any special rates or discounts on the taxi fares?
Does Barwood Taxi accept credit cards?
I am travelling with a small child, do you provide child safety seats?
Do you allow pets to ride in Barwood Taxis?
Does Barwood Taxi provide free rides to those too intoxicated to drive?
I think I left my cell phone/briefcase/wallet in the taxi. Do you have a Lost and Found?
Why do you suggest we book TaxiPlus orders 48 hours in advance?
How can I advertise on your Taxi Tops?
Can drivers refuse service?
Why book 24-48 hours in advance or by 9:00 p.m. the previous day?
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