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Driving Opportunities

Do you know what it takes to become a taxi driver?

Have you driven a vehicle for at least 5-7 years?

Do you have a good driving record with less than 2 points on your valid driver's license?

Are you familiar with driving around Montgomery County and getting to the airports, train stations, hospitals, hotels and shopping centers?

Are you familiar with the perks?

When you drive a taxi - you take the car home with you. We provide regular routine maintenance on our vehicles. You set your hours. You can get work from our dispatch system and/or maintain your own schedule of personal customers. Direct Deposit to your checking account on a daily basis.

What we offer our drivers:

  • We offer income enhancement seminars to optimize your sales potential.
  • We offer credit card processing for your customers to increase your sales potential.
  • By signing up with Barwood under this special incentive program, you can save up to $1,165.00 to $2,370.00 (depending on experience) as you build your own road to the future.
  • We have fast track incentives that cover the costs associated with obtaining your taxi driver's license.
  • We offer monetary incentives for safe drivers.
  • We have a large customer base in Montgomery County for taxicab service and we need taxi drivers. We have government contracts including NIH, MCPS and other governmental agencies, corporate and personal accounts that require taxi service 24 x 7 x 365.
  • We have been in business over 50 years and have customers that rely on our service.
  • Pre-assignment for Executive Taxi Service customers for experienced and qualified drivers.
  • 100+ direct dial phones at grocery stores, hotels, restaurants and bars to increase your sales.
Please contact me about driving a Barwood Taxi.
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