Barwood Wheelchair Vans (TaxiPlus vehicles) are modified minivans with wheelchair ramps or lifts that are capable of accommodating customers that are wheelchair bound and can also transport additional passengers; allowing our Wheelchair Van (TaxiPlus) customers to travel independently or with (a) companion(s), in comfort and security. Prices are calculated on the taxi meter (per Montgomery County Taxi Meter Rates) and there are no additional charges for the TaxiPlus service.

We do not require that our Taxi Plus customers book 24 – 48 hours advance but recommend you book in advance to avoid any delay time since we have a limited number of drivers available and high demand for service. The demand for Taxi Plus service is even greater around major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Independence Day. During these holiday time periods, we ask that you reserve your Taxi Plus vehicle 20 – 30 days in advance.

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